NationBuilder Telephone Support


If NationBuilder’s tutorial videos and the Conservative Party’s NationBuilder Support Staff can’t help you, I probably can.

Please select from the following support packages:


NationBuilder is a powerful platform for Electoral District Associations and EDA board members, but that power comes with complexity – complexity that can discourage even the most diligent EDA volunteer.

During our telephone consultation, I will talk you through how to accomplish your desired task(s) in NationBuilder.

Before purchasing support from me:

  1. I strongly encourage you to take the time to go through NationBuilder’s library of tutorial videos because the answers you seek are probably there.
  2. If that fails, then I strongly encourage you to speak with the Conservative Party’s NationBuilder tech support staff for your province. They are excellent and supporting EDA volunteers is their job.


If both those options fail you, or you simply want someone to walk you through how to do the thing you need done right now, then you may want to purchase a NationBuilder Tech Support package from me. There is not expiry date on support plans. They’re valid until you use up your support plan.

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Support Packages

2 hours, 5 hours, 10 hours