Prolific Author WORKBOOK: The Step-by-Step Guide to Write More Words in Less Time and Finish Your Book Fast




Speed Your Personal Journey Down Publication Highway

The first three books in this series taught you:

1. how to develop your author success mindset,

2. how to design your morning routine and enhance your clarity and focus, and

3. how to create your personal author vision statement.

Your author vision statement revealed the legacy you desire for your life. You acknowledged your strengths and weaknesses, applauded your successes and learned from your failures. You gained clarity about what motivates you and what holds you back and keeps you from your dreams. You also clarified your core values – the character traits responsible for every decision you make.

With this foundation in place, it’s time to dig deeper and uncover why you do what you do; what drives your compulsion to etch words on the page.

Be clear on why you want to write a book. If significance, fame and fortune are your desires, there are far easier ways to achieve them than writing a book.

The key to unlock your drive to succeed is knowing why you write. When you understand how your desire to write fulfills your core needs, you transform writing from a chore to be dreaded into the vision you were born to fulfill. Time set aside to write becomes as critical to your life as the food you eat and the water you drink.

We structure meal times for a reason. It ensures we maintain the energy required to fulfill our duties, whatever they may be. So why don’t we implement a structure to achieve success? If we believe success does not matter, neither does the road we travel to get there.

Success matters. The road you travel to achieve success matters more.

Your daily writing routine is the last piece of the puzzle to build a life focused on accomplishing your goal – a finished and published book.