Op/Ed 5-Pack


5-pack of ghost-written Opinion or Editorial pieces for your Candidate or Electoral District Association.

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One of the best ways to reach a wide audience is by publishing your candidate’s opinion or editorial comments (Op/Ed) on a topic currently in the public’s eye.

Op/Eds typically run between 500 and 750 words and express an opinion or comment on a single topic.

POSITION: A clear position on the issue you want addressed is required. Are you for or against something, how your position is unique among the candidates in your area, etc.

TONE: To match your candidate’s tone and way of expressing him/herself, it is helpful if you can provide examples of past editorials or other work, such as speeches in Parliament or at public events.

UNLIMITED REWRITES: I will rewrite each Op/Ed until you are completely satisfied.


Save $488 by purchasing the Op/Ed 5-Pack

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