Guns, Crime and Freedom by Wayne LaPierre


“A definitive manual for taking part in the political debate, and preserving your right to keep and bear arms.”

–Tom Clancy

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A logical explanation of the Second Amendment backed up by the intent of our founding fathers as seen in the US Constitution and other writings.

The most rabid anti-gun activist will come away deeply moved by the requirement for firearms in a free and safe society.

Mr. LaPierre convincingly argues the case that firearms in the hands of law abiding citizens are indeed the path to reduced crime and ultimately the defense of our freedoms and our sovereignty.

Chapter 4 on carrying concealed weapons (did you know the police have no obligation to protect you? Their obligation is solely to society.) and chapter 20 on media bias (LaPierre suggests that abuses of the First Amendment should be punished as severely as abuses of the Second Amendment) are particularly compelling.

LaPierre’s dissection of the so called “Assault Weapon Ban” gives one pause to seriously consider the real intentions of our law makers regarding the promoting of public safety and preserving individual freedoms.

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