Don’t Shoot the Bastards (Yet): 101 More Ways to Salvage Freedom by Claire Wolfe


Author Claire Wolfe is an adament supporter of individual liberty and personal responsibility. She feels that government has gone way too far in the past few decades in its attempt to govern and control every facet of our lives.

In “Don’t Shoot the Bastards..Yet”, Wolfe lists 101 ways that individuals can still salvage a little bit of freedom from an ever- intrusive government before it’s time to let the weapons do the talking.

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This book has a lot to do with American culture and the self-perpetuating cycle of political power. It describes the nicer aspects of recreational use of firearms, and the use of guns against political tyranny, and slowly builds the stories of the protaganists and current laws.

The underlying message is common in the logical explanations of pro Second Amendment folks – that guns are not evil, and only criminal individuals and governments with guns are evil, and that gun control is not about guns but about control.

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